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Founded in 2015 by Industrial Engineer Dr. Doğan Hasan, UnoPro is a leading consultancy firm in Lean and Digital Transformation of organizations with end-to-end approach with industrial engineering applications, production management, plant setup, entrepreneurship, leadership and guided by the essence of 25 years of experience in academic fields and engineering; creating value for the clients in every segment.

The founder, Dr. Doğan Hasan attained the expertise of IFP (Oee.Cloud) based in Aachen, Germany, which operates in the field of Industry 4.0.

In 2018, UnoPro with the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology - General Directorate of Strategic Research and Efficiency and the United Nations Development Program, developed and consulted Bursa, Kayseri, Gaziantep and Mersin Model Factory projects, which are 4 of 8 Model Factories, from scratch, locally and nationally.

Since 2020, UnoPro is Turkey branch of Shingo Institute organizing Corporate Excellence Workshops.

UnoPro provides experiential training services to SMEs and corporate companies for Lean and Digital Transformation with the "Digital Model Factory Training Framework" developed in cooperation with Germany Bodensee Model Factory, and certified by UK's leading Ofqual approved Training organization NOCN (National Open College Network). Participants receive a NOCN approved certificate upon successful completion of the qualification program.

UnoPro creates Digital Twins of processes, an visualization of the system of the company's own production, which enables to detect problems that may occur in production lines, test existing or new settings, simulate and try new ideas by analyzing the process chains.

UnoPro is Turkey's leading education and consultancy institution with experiential training and consultancy services in the Industry 4.0 Lean and Digital Transformation journey of enterprises, guiding to enhance organizational processes and attain excellence.

Why UnoPro?

“In the midst of problems lie opportunities. A problem cannot be solved from the point of view of the person at its center. - Albert Einstein”

As Unopro training and consulting, our goal is to make the maximum contribution to the formation of more efficient, more effective, higher quality, lower cost, more sustainable, more corporate industrial organizations.

  • It has knowledge and experience in production management and factory installation in Siemens Germany factories, which is the outlet of UnoPro Industry 4.0.
  • It has more than 20 years of experience in industrial engineering applications.
  • Corporate has knowledge and experience in production management in production companies in every segment from large and small companies to SMEs.
  • It is the only educational and consulting institution in Turkey with academic, professional management, entrepreneurship and industry knowledge and experience.
  • It is the only institution that performs the consultancy of Bursa Model Factory, which is the second but first domestic and national model factory in Turkey.
  • With its experience and experience, with its industrialist perspective and empathy, it is a consulting and educational institution that can produce realistic solutions that the industry needs the fastest.
Are you ready for the future? Are you aware that you need Industry 4.0 processes before Industry 4.0 software?

Have you previously received consulting services on these issues and have not achieved concrete results, the results you want?

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