Dinamo ERP Software Installation and Consulting

As UnoPro, we are a company that provides training and consultancy services for Lean and Digital Processes of companies, and in this process, also includes software such as ERP, MES and Digital Twin within the scope of end-to-end service, thus ensuring that companies are ready for the Industry 4.0 age.

We reduce your costs by increasing your efficiency with an end-to-end service approach.

We can offer the installation, implementation, consulting and training of the Dinamo ERP software that we represent as a whole package with solutions specific to your company.

Dinamo ERP; As one of the oldest and most rooted ERP solutions in Turkey, it is a complete ERP solution that can be easily installed and operated with its flexible and scalable architecture that incorporates industrial process experiences from almost every sector. Dinamo ERP, that is a business software that developed entirely with a staff of domestic engineers, has proven itself in Automotive and White Goods Sub-Industry, Machinery, Printing, Mold, Plastic, Food, Metal, Chemistry, Cable, Electric / Electronic, Small Houseware Manufacturing, Lighting, Retail etc. industries. Continuously developed Dinamo ERP; its customers, business and solution partners, it has a rare corporate service culture that can offer operational and technical consultancy that adds value to its customers at the same time and can offer it to its customers very quickly with the process management ecosystem it has established.

The accounting module not only fulfills standard functions such as official books, financial statements and declarations, but also allows you to easily obtain the tables and analyzes required for management. It supports standard and actual cost accounting studies.

In the finance module, transactions such as bank identifications and bank transfers, virement can be made. Reconciliation information and movements of the bank account can be seen. In the system, purchase invoices, sales invoices, return invoices, payment and collection transactions are made on invoice basis and current account basis, current account status and financial transactions are displayed. It is easy to define the received checks, promissory notes and guarantees, to create check/promissory notes movements and to monitor their latest status.

With the inventory management module, you can manage all your operations, from quality control to contract monitoring, as well as your inventory, and reduce your inventory costs. Inventory management module is the backbone of sales, purchasing, planning and cost studies.

The production planning module improves the processes in factories where production and capacity planning is done manually, ensuring correct production and capacity planning, and improves manually performed production and capacity planning processes with MRP support.

The sales management module includes basic sales functions such as sales proposals, sales forecasts, sales plans, sales reports, as well as a powerful CRM infrastructure. It provides e-waybill and e-invoice integrations without any additional charge.

Purchasing management module helps the relevant units to reduce the stocks to the lowest level possible, to ensure the uninterrupted continuity of production and sales, and to reduce your costs.

The human resources module includes basic human resources applications such as employee registration-personnel information, leave information and processes, payroll, as well as more detailed applications such as following competency matrices and training plans with the career management module.

The Dinamo KPI management system allows you to monitor your production, follow your data backwards, and set and follow your goals.