Competency Management Training


Competence management is the determination of the competencies required by the organization and the work and the evaluation and development of the employees within the framework of these competencies.


  • Competence Concept, Competency-Based Management
  • Competence Matrix Concept
  • Competency Matrix Creation Method
  • Planning of Competency Development Trainings
  • Risks in Competency Management
  • Basic Competencies


  • Creating a competency matrix
  • Traning planning


  • To be able to comprehend the place and importance of competency-based management in businesses.
  • Ability to create a competency matrix and accordingly plan training. Clarification of development goals by employees.
  • Ability to develop techniques that can increase employee motivation.
  • To be able to develop approaches that will prevent people-based indispensability in businesses.
  • To be able to evaluate his/her core competencies and to create his/her competency matrix.