ERP Supported Production Planning (ERP – MRP II, CRP) Training



  • MRP Concept and Purpose, General Structure and Conditions, Product Tree Concept, Product Tree Creation
  • Capacity Requirements Planning Concept,
  • Capacity Requirements Planning Process and Stages
  • Types of Capacity Requirements Planning, Inputs, and Outputs of Capacity Requirements Planning
  • ERP Concept and History, Main Modules of ERP; Finance, HR, Manufacturing, and Logistics
  •  What are MRP I and MRP II?
  • The Purpose and Benefits of ERP, Success Ways in ERP Implementation
  • Dynamo ERP, Dynamo ERP Modules; Accounting-Finance Cost Management,
  • Stock and Warehouse Management, Production and Planning Management, Purchasing Management, Quality Management, KPI Management


  • Capacity planning application


  • To be able to comprehend the place and importance of MRP in businesses.
  • Ability to make the necessary preparations to run MRP. Ability to create a product tree.
  • Ability to ensure efficient use of resources and identify bottlenecks for a process, Learning the usage areas and advantages of Dinamo ERP.
  • Developing approaches that will reduce stock amounts and bottlenecks.
  • Ability to make production planning according to the determined capacities.
  • Coordinate the necessary functions to achieve the objectives set in a business plan.
  • To increase efficiency in cash requirement planning.
  • Ability to organize and improve customer service. To learn the concept of ERP and its history.
  • Learning the basic Implementations of ERP. Being able to make definitions such as station, stock code, product tree.
  • Ability to run the MRP module in ERP and automatically open work orders.