Kanban, Heijunka, Milk – Run Training



  • Kanban Concept, Kanban Pull System and Purpose
  • Kanban System Implementation Steps
  • Analysis and Selection of Processes in the Kanban System
  • Kanban Card Design, Kanban Rules
  • Kanban Types, Kanban Operation
  • The Heijunka Concept and Its Historical Development
  • Mixed Loading Needs in Factories, Mixed Loading Methods
  • Heijunka Implementation, Planning and Sizing in Kanban System
  • Comparison of Push and Pull System
  • Milk Run Concept, Milk Run System Installation Stages


  • Kanban and Heijunka app
  • Milk Run calculations and route creation


  • To be able to comprehend the place and importance of Heijunka in businesses.
  • Ability to give mixed loading capability to a production system.
  • To be able to use the workforce and machinery in a balanced way.
  • Developing approaches to increase customer satisfaction and reduce stock and storage costs.
  • Ability to set up a kanban system correctly.
  • Ability to create approaches that can prevent delays and remaining orders.
  • Ability to develop techniques to adapt more easily to changes in production plans.
  • Ability to make Milk Run calculations and create its route at a workstation.