Lean Approach and Industry 4.0 Training



  • History of Lean Production Philosophy, Lean Production Concept
  • Comparison of Europe and Turkey in Lean Manufacturing Practice
  • Lean Manufacturing Principles
  • Waste Definitions and Types in Lean Production
  • Lean Production Tools and Objectives
  • Comparison of Classical Production and Lean Production, SWOT Analysis
  • Lean Transformation Process with Model Factory, Industrial Revolutions, Lean Production Cases
  • Industry 4.0 Concept, Industry 4.0 and Digitalization Difference
  • 9 Technological Factors Triggering Industry 4.0: Big Data and Analytics, Smart Robots, Simulation, Vertical and Horizontal System Integration, LoT-Internet of Things, Cyber ​​Security, Cloud, Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality
  • Advantages, Disadvantages of Industry 4.0, Destructive Change in Businesses
  • Turkey’s Position in the Global Value Chain
  • The Possible Impact of Germany’s Industry 4.0 Transformation on Turkey


  • To be able to explain Lean Manufacturing principles, tools, and objectives.
  • Ability to categorize wastes in a process.
  • Developing approaches to prevent waste.
  • Ability to compare classical production with lean production
  • Ability to make a SWOT analysis of the current state of a process
  • To be able to define the concept of Industry 4.0 and 9 Technological Elements that trigger Industry 4.0.
  • To be able to define the difference between Industry 4.0 and Digitalization.
  • To be able to interpret the possible effects of Industry 4.0 Transformation on Turkey