Lean Leadership Training


Leadership in an organizational sense is a social impact process that allows the willing participation of its employees to achieve the goals of the business. A leader is someone who benefits a society or organization, manages change, and can lead those around them to the ideal situation and goal.


  • Lean Leadership Definitions, Traditional Manager and Leader Comparison
  • Lean Leadership Traits, Emotional Intelligence
  • Being a Leader in Business, Body Language of Leaders
  • Lean Leadership Style, Principles of Team Lean Leadership, 3P Rule in Lean Leadership
  • Concepts in Defining Lean Leadership; Management, Manager
  • Reasons for Failure of Managers, Grow Model
  • Lean Lean Leadership Behaviors, Change Management, and Lean Leadership
  • Change Process in Management, Lean Leadership for Continuous Improvement
  • The Concept of Multi-Model Lean Leadership


  • Coaching exercise within the scope of the Grow coaching model


  • Comprehending the definition of Lean Leadership. To be able to distinguish more clearly the differences between the leader and the manager.
  • Being able to recognize themselves in more detail in terms of behavior individually.
  • Knowing their current Lean Leadership characteristics.
  • Ability to use proactive language in business relations. To be able to develop methods to increase employee motivation.
  • Successfully directing employees towards purposes. Ability to use the GROW model in team management.
  • To be able to develop approaches that will enable to create a team spirit. To be able to turn the professional approach into a business culture within the enterprise.
  • Developing approaches that increase the trust and commitment of employees to their managers and workplace
  • Ability of employees to create outputs that will better benefit from their capacities.
  • Transforming the professional approach into a business culture within the enterprise, Learning how to successfully manage change.
  • Learning the characteristics of the change leader and the responsibilities brought by the change.