Process Audit Training

Process audit is an independent, objective assurance activity conducted to assess and guide whether resources are managed according to the principles of affordability, effectiveness and efficiency in order to add value to and improve company work. At the same time, it provides a roadmap for ensuring the efficiency and development of the company.

If all trainings are taken, process control training will be provided free of charge.


  • Process Control Concept, Usage, and Importance
  • Identification of Process Risks, Auditor Competence
  • Fieldwork Phase, Process Control Benefits
  • Lean Process Control Technique, Lean Process Control Question List


  • Process control through the lean process control question list


  • To be able to comprehend the place and importance of Process Control in enterprises.
  • Ability to audit processes for compliance with lean transformation.
  • Ability of the business to determine the lean conversion compliance score.
  • It can provide early detection and correction of deviations and deteriorations in systems.
  • To be able to develop approaches to maintain continuous improvement.
  • Enabling the work done to become a company culture.