SMED (Single Minute Exchange Of Dies) Training



  • SMED concept and history
  • Pre-SMED production
  • Stages of SMED
  • Standardization and dissemination of SMED
  • Basic SMED Implementations
  • Incorrect practices on SMED
  • Implementing SMED in factories
  • Example SMED Implementation


  • Setup time study
  • Separating setup into job setup and external setup
  • Reduction of setup time with SMED technique


  • Will comprehend the place of SMED in enterprises.
  • Will be able to separate the setup steps as internal and external steps.
  • Type changes and setup times between work orders will be shortened.
  • It will make it possible to produce with lower lot sizes.
  • It will be able to increase flexibility against customer orders with low lot sizes.
  • Will be able to increase the production capacity of the Process/Machine.
  • Will be able to reduce the amount of semi-finished and finished goods stock.
  • Will be able to reduce time losses in the transition from product to product.
  • Will be able to perform SMED work for a setup process, shorten and standardize setup time.