Our Services

We provide training and consultancy services with end-to-end service approach for Lean and Digital processes of businesses. We guide your enterprise; Lean and Digital Transformation, Virtual Reality On-the-job Training Programs, Digital Twins, and Shingo Enterprise Excellence Workshops in your Industry 4.0 Journey.

Digital Model Factory

  • Experiential learning for Lean Production Techniques in VR Environment
  • Analyze production system for gaps and improvements in a Digital Factory Environment
  • Conceptualize and experience Lean and Digital Transformation in a Digital Environment
  • Explore the success of effective and lean experiential learning versus theoretical learning

Lean Transformation

  • Improve your manufacturing processes with Lean Consultancy
  • Improve employee competency with Lean Training Programs
  • Precisely Design, Setup and Relocate your Production Facility
  • Ensure your business is in line with Lean Systems and Processes

Digital Transformation

  • End-to-end value stream digitalization with unique Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • Streamline information flow with Workcube ERP, web-based ERP system with unlimited users
  • Improve your efficiency by designing your system with 100% process based Workcube ERP
  • Analyze and assess your production line with a uniquely designed MES solution

Digital Twin

  • Improve on-the-job-training performance and reduce costs with a VR framework
  • Manage your production line performance with real time MES integration
  • Ensure the technical care is easily handled with Maintenance Tracking System with Augmented Reality
  • Save time and costs in your business with a customized Virtual Tour
Our Advantages

What We Offer You?

Efficiency Improvement

Enabling clients to gain control of the processes and resources to grant efficiency with eliminating waste.

End-to-End Service Mindset

Applying Digital Transformation Principles with integrated ERP and MES solutions for total control.

Continuous Improvement Culture

Digital Model Factory training programs enable employees and businesses to adopt Lean and Digital Transformation competencies and culture.

Rapid Adaptation for Operators

Operator training costs, quality and benefits are improved with Virtual Reality based applications.

Digital Model Factory Workshops

Our Digital Model Factory (DMF) training framework reforms the on-the-job trainings into the standards of the digital era.

Enhancement of the Model Factory concept with digitalization; forms a new Digital Model Factory framework where the users connect with VR Headsets, Tablets/Computers to Lean Production Training Programs. The machinery in a process of production on the scenario can be observed, analysed and improved in VR environment as if in an actual factory.

Digital Model Factory (DMF) enables the realization of theoretical explanation and experimental practices in Virtual Reality environment, with a roadmap created specifically for the Lean and Digital Transformation process based on real products, real machines, real processes, real events.

What are the Advantages?

  • DMF offers the opportunity to learn by performing with specific scenarios.
  • DMF offers the opportunity to experience the applications of the real factory environment by gamifying them in the virtual reality environment.
  • DMF provides the opportunity to analyze and improve the production system via digital factory environment.
  • DMF grants the opportunity to learn with our innovative corporate training method using Industry 4.0 technologies.
  • DMF benefits from remote connection. Saves time and reduces travel costs.
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