Influencing Techniques and Performance Interviewing Training


A performance interview is to communicate with a person in a direction that reinforces or changes this behavior on a behavior that has a positive or negative effect.


  • Delta Method in Influencing Techniques
  • Feedback Concept, Resources
  • Employees’ Expectations from Managers
  • Performance Interview Methods
  • Benefits of Performance Management System
  • Considerations in the Performance Evaluation Process
  • Purpose and Importance of Performance Management System
  • Correct Feedback Pattern, Examples, Good and Bad Feedback, and Examples
  • Common Mistakes in Performance Interviewing; Halo Effect, Orientation to Certain Grades/Scores, Influenced by Recent Events, Contrast Errors, Personal Prejudices, Influenced by Position, Attribution Errors


  • Delta effect technique Implementation


  • Knowing the Delta Method, which is an influencing technique.
  • Ensuring the development of individual performance and reaching the determined purposes.
  • Developing approaches that will increase the motivation of the employees
  • Eliminate customizations and erroneous assumptions.
  • Ability to conduct accurate and effective performance interviews.
  • Ability to use the Delta method in business relations and giving feedback.
  • The ability of the team to make better use of its capacity.