First in the World!
Digital Model Factory

In addition to being the only company in Turkey that can establish a Model Factory from scratch, we have established the Digital Model Factory, which is a first in the world, by transferring the trainings given in the Model Factories to the virtual reality environment. With the Digital Model Factory, businesses can access experiential training using only virtual reality glasses, without going to Model Factories.

Learn Lean and Digital Transformation practically!

With the Digital Model Factory, Lean and Digital Transformation processes can be observed step by step with the improvements made by observing the production area in the traditional situation. With the practices, learning becomes permanent and enterprises are supported to implement Lean Production practices in their own processes.

How Does it Work?

By accessing the Digital Model Factory through virtual reality glasses, users learn the Lean and Digital production system designed on the basis of real machines, real products and real processes through practice.

What can be done with the Digital Model Factory?

In the Digital Model Factory, Lean and Digital production practices can be carried out by observing the processes in a traditional production environment. Also, Lean and Lean - Digital production environments can be observed and information about the applications can be obtained.

The Digital Model Factory is a roadmap that, if implemented step by step, will ensure better results and specialization each time, and support the establishment of a lean culture in the enterprise.

Dr. Doğan Hasan

UnoPro Consulting

Experiential Learning

You can experience the applications in the real factory environment by gamifying them in virtual reality environment.

Time Independent

Since it does not require travelling and accommodation, you can make better use of your time.

Up-to-date Curriculum

You can learn with an innovative and interactive training method using Industry 4.0 technologies.

Approved by NOCN!

Lean and Digital Transformation Workshops with the Digital Model Factory are accredited and approved by NOCN (National Open College Network), the UK’s leading Ofqual (independent qualifications regulator for England) approved educational organization.

For more information on NOCN please visit their website:

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