MES Setup and Process Consulting

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a software that integrates with ERP, collects data from the production site and transfers the information that needs to be transferred from the ERP to the production site, feeds the ERP software, and ensures that the data is processed and presented in the form of meaningful reports.

MES is a system that controls all activities occurring in the workshop and can provide comprehensive reports on production. As UnoPro, we can offer the installation, implementation, consulting, and training of MES software suitable for your company as a whole package with solutions specific to your company.

Benefits of Manufacturing Execution System

The MES automation system can provide significant improvements in profitability, on-time delivery and higher quality products. Additional key benefits of using MES include:

  • Estimates and evaluates metrics such as Cycle Time, Setup Time, and Malfunctions,
  • Improves product quality by the analysis of waste ratios, and the detection of relevant quality issues,
  • Reduces or removes paperwork in between the work shifts,
  • Reduces or removes the data entry cycles,
  • Improves planning process,
  • Ensures reliable and precise planning,
  • Empowers employees in facility operations