NOCN Center for Turkey

In 2020, UnoPro became the headquarters of Nocn (national Open College Network), the UK’s leading Ofqual (independent qualifications regulator for England) approved educational organization in Turkey.

NOCN is the only competence development and certification body established in the UK in the late 1990s, focused on increasing the UK’s global competitiveness, specializing in productivity. The number of participants in nocn’s programs has now exceeded 70,000 people. NOCN plays an important role in increasing the strength of organizations and gaining professional competence for individuals. NOCN, which has been creating opportunities for 30 years, is an award-winning (AO) and endpoint assessment (EPAO) organization approved by Sunday-leading international government organizations.

UnoPro, with Nocn as its representative in Turkey in 2020, offers practical lean production training services through the Digital Model Factory within the scope of the lean and Digital Model Factory Qualification Program, which consists of 7 units for 22 weeks. Participants receive a NOCN approved certificate as a result of successful completion of the qualification program.