On-the-Job Training in Virtual Reality Environment

Practice Makes Perfect.

— Anonymous – Latin

Virtual reality (VR) is a new cutting-edge technology used to create simulated environments where fictional events inspired by real life can be experienced in 360 degrees. In order to experience this technology, the participant equips virtual reality headset and controllers.

This recent technology has found new use areas besides entertainment, including education, communication and healthcare. In the context of manufacturing and service industry, VR technology allows on-the-job-training programs more comprehensive, stimulating, and less costly. Therefore institutions and industries have started to act rapidly to integrate virtual reality technology into on-the-job training procedures.

Virtual Learning Framework creates a safe and controlled on-the-job training environment.

Virtual Learning Framework reduces the dangers and accidents that may be encountered during conventional training to zero and ensures that the training is completed steadily; reduces operators’ learning anxiety by nullifying  machine and human incidents especially for the difficult cases.

Operators can replay the trainings that are difficult to remember and complex; risk-free.

In this way, on-the-job training in the virtual reality environment has achieved successful results in various fields.

In order to carry out on-the-job training in a virtual reality environment, first of all, the digital copy of the device, factory or service to be trained should be created. A digital twin is the creation of an exact copy of any object, product or process in a digital environment.

Digital twin applications act as a bridge between the real and virtual world. Thanks to Digital Twin applications, businesses can control the stages such as product tracking, repair and assembly in a virtual environment. In this way, businesses can identify possible situations before taking steps regarding their operations, and proact before encountering a problem.

As UnoPro, we create Digital Twins.

We create customized VR on-the-job training systems;

  • Equipping the systems with latest technological devices,
  • Guiding the training programs for best results in vocational competency,
  • Digitalizing existing and planned process operations,
  • Consulting through the whole process.

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Our On-the-Job Training in Virtual Reality Environment Works

You can watch the on-the-job training on the use of the press brake machine in this demo, which we have realized on behalf of Bursa Model Fabrika.

In this project, we prepared an On-the-Job Training program for a "Gas Station Line Change" application for a customer from Germany.