Pick by Light System Setup and Consulting

Pick by Light is a computer-aided order preparation procedure that directs the operator responsible for picking the products from the shelves in the warehouse, by means of a light on the shelf where the product to be collected is located.

We can offer the installation, implementation, consulting, and training of the lSlPlCK system that we represent as a whole package with solutions specific to your company.

The lSlPlCK system developed by ISITEC International improves productivity and eliminates picking errors. Choosing the right product among the product range is always risky regardless of the operator. To eliminate this risk, it is necessary to direct the operator towards the product and clearly indicate the amount.
Each section has an electronic screen (or module) managed by the lSlPlCK itself connected to the ERP or WMS unit.

lSlPlCK acts as a supervisor by using technologies such as light, optical button, confirmation button, weight measurement to provide a more detailed following system.

  • Kanban (Stock management method) in an automobile assembly plant
  • Horizontal or vertical positioning
  • Confirmation button
  • Increasing productivity: The lSlPlCK solution provides the possibility to reduce the collection time of a product. In this way, the return on investment will be faster.
  • Elimination of errors: The lSlPlCK solution provides the possibility to eliminate errors made in product picking. It reduces the error rate below 0.1% in order preparation, and the quality rate improves significantly.
  • Facilitating the training of working operators: With the lSlPlCK Solution, an operator has the performance like an experienced operator in less than 10 minutes. It is easier to replace an operator who is absent from work or to employ temporary personnel.
  • Paperless preparation of the order: Both economical and ecological.
Trilogiq Pick by Light System Features:
  • System by measurement
  • Design for warehouse production, proven design
  • Expandable modular structure
  • Ease of assembly
  • Flexible software architecture
  • Possibility of integration with ERP systems
pick by light