Plant Design, Setup, Relocation

Businesses are growth and sales oriented when they are born; growth is often not planned. For businesses that do not receive any factory setup, implementation and consulting at the starting point, the placement of machines and equipment is carried out in the most practical way while the factory grows. In general, this process suboptimal. While the organization grows, roles and responsibilities cannot be designed in the most effective and efficient way. Every system that is not designed and developed according to the process is “somehow” created by the components in it, and this of course contains many flaws and inefficiencies. At first, this growth without a system does not seem to cause any problems, but after a certain point, managerial difficulties and problems occur.

Being without a system comes at a cost. This situation occurs as the management spends more effort and energy to manage the business. On the other hand, operational costs also increase. In order to increase productivity in a 20-person production, it is sufficient to stand in the middle of the workshop, even in this case, you cannot see the hidden losses if you do not apply an analytical approach. However, once the business reaches a size of 50 people or more, the dominance begins to disappear. Then it becomes impossible to control the production activities. You now need other building blocks to deliver extraordinary performance and effort, which means that you and your business depend on those people.  Not having a system makes you dependent on individuals.

This is when you need to think again about your entire system and redesign your entire value stream. Changes within an existing business are never easy. There are constraints that come from the wrong decisions made before, and these constraints prevent setting up more efficient systems. It compels every business to redesign, without exception, in order to switch to working systemically instead of based on individual performances. On the other hand, if the existing infrastructure capacity is no longer sufficient with the growth, moving or setting up a new factory creates an opportunity to have a new, efficient and systematic beginning.

With a new factory, which may be a relocation or a new factory installation; You will have the opportunity to set up the most efficient, easiest-to-manage value stream system. At this point, UnoPro is your travel companion, your North Star, giving you full support and guidance with its experience and methodology. UnoPro took part in the management of the project of closing the Siemens factory in Germany and moving it to the Czech Republic, and the establishment of its own electrical and automotive industry sub-industry factory in Çerkezköy OSB. It is the most competent consulting company in Turkey in terms of factory installation and relocation, with its experience in construction, setup, commissioning and operation of 4 Model Factories setting sight to be a model for the enterprises in Turkey, which is a project of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, in terms of systematic and efficient working.

If you think that you need to work more efficiently and systematically, it's time to talk to us. Remember, doing such a project with a consulting company that has no experience in this field will cause your new factory to start off on the wrong foot. Only in UnoPro can you find all the necessary expertise for the growth of your new factory.