Maintenance Tracking System with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a technology that is getting popular day by day and enriches the user's experience by allowing the user to combine virtual reality with the existing reality.

The Maintenance Tracking System with Augmented Reality enables users to complete maintenance and repair work or receive training from technicians much faster and error-free. It also provides an overall performance boost.

In a maintenance tracking system that does not use augmented reality, there are many stages that the technician who will perform the operation must follow. In the meantime, the technician needs to get away from the main problem and look at the necessary data, the steps to be followed to do their job right, and all these processes slow down the process, waste time, cause solutions to be reached more slowly, and therefore these problems cause a general decrease in performance. At this point, the use of Augmented Reality ensures the elimination of inefficiency and waste in the business process and increases performance to a great extent.


In the maintenance tracking system with AR, there is no need for the person to look at different places and get information and try to complete the process. The data it needs is transferred digitally thanks to Augmented Reality. In this way, the technician can focus better on the task and solve the problem faster, instead of being distracted by different sources while trying to solve the problem. Not only does it solve faster, but thanks to the virtual reality provided by AR, it sees the stages of the work to be done in the form of a 3D simulation live and follows those stages, resulting in a much more error-free job.

In summary, it is more advantageous to apply a maintenance tracking system with Augmented Reality, rather than a manually operated maintenance system with current reality. Since a person who is not an expert in this field can do the same job, foreign-dependency and cost of businesses using AR are also reduced.

As UnoPro, we guide businesses for best digitalization solutions. Using augmented reality, we provide maintenance tracking systems equipped with cutting edge technology tools. We guide businesses to ideally implement their maintenance tracking systems. In addition, in the field of digital twin, we transfer existing or desired operations of businesses to digital media. We predetermine the situations they will encounter and lead businesses about the steps to be taken.


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