On-the-Job Training in Virtual Reality Environment

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology used to create simulated environments where fictional events inspired by real life can be experienced in 360 degrees. In order to experience this technology, Virtual Reality Glasses, which are called with the same name as the developed technology, are used, apart from many common technological products.

This developing technology has started to be used in the field of education and training as well as in the entertainment sector. Virtual reality technology allows to make on-the-job training more comprehensive, less costly and more interesting. In this way, educational institutions and industries have started to act rapidly to integrate virtual reality technology into on-the-job training systems.

This technology, which we can also call virtual learning, creates a safe and controlled on-the-job training environment. It reduces the dangerous situations and accidents that may be encountered during face-to-face training to zero. In business areas that require difficult training, training can be completed without endangering the student and without losing any of the tools used. At the same time, the student can experience what they have learned more than once. In this way, on-the-job training in the virtual reality environment has achieved successful training results in various fields.


In order to carry out on-the-job training in a virtual reality environment, first of all, the digital twin of the device, factory or service to be trained should be created. A digital twin is the creation of an exact copy of any object, product, or process in a digital environment. Digital twin applications act as a bridge between the real and virtual worlds. Via the digital twin applications, businesses can control the stages such as product tracking, repair, and assembly in a virtual environment. In this way, businesses can identify possible situations before taking steps regarding their operations and can reach the solution of problems before they encounter a problem.

As UnoPro, we provide businesses best digital twin solutions. With the projects we have developed for on-the-job training in a virtual reality environment, we offer on-the-job training systems equipped with cutting edge technology tools to businesses. We guide businesses to carry out on the-job training programs as close to ideal as possible. In addition, in the field of digital twin, we transfer existing or desired operations of businesses to digital media. We predetermine the situations they will encounter and lead businesses about the steps to be taken.


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