Real-Time MES Integration

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) are digital systems that monitor the processes occurring in the manufacturing process from the raw material stage to the finished product stage. The manufacturing execution system (MES) is designed to help production planners improve the process. And it works in real-time to provide control of every step and element of the manufacturing process.

The manufacturing execution system (MES) fills the gap between enterprise resource planning (ERP) and the automation layer. A manufacturing organization has sensors or similar equipment that directly receives machine data from the farthest unit that touches the operation. These data, which are produced in machines and robots in the manufacturing process, can be organized and analyzed with the help of programmable logic controllers (PLC). At this stage, Manufacturing Execution System (MES) applications come into play in order to make this Big Data obtained from the manufacturing process usable at the point of improvement of the manufacturing process and making managerial decisions. Data collected from robots and machines, even in manual operations, data obtained from operator inputs are organized and stored in a database. These data kept in the database are interpreted with the help of data scientists. This Big Data, which we obtain from all stages of the manufacturing process and make it meaningful, can be monitored simultaneously or retrospectively. This is one of the core functions of real-time MES integration.

Detection of bottlenecks in the manufacturing process is possible by digitally monitoring and managing the manufacturing process, thanks to Manufacturing Execution System (MES) integration applications. In this case, we can say that the benefits of manufacturing execution system (MES) integration are to directly contribute to the improvement of manufacturing and all workflow processes and increase performance and efficiency.

The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) we use in the manufacturing process creates the first form of our system's digital twin. The digital twin we will create with the data provided by the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) will contain the virtual model of our system. And the integration of the MES that we use together with the digital twin technology will enable us to monitor the past, real time and future data on the virtual model of our manufacturing stages and improve our system.

With the digital twin systems we have developed as UnoPro, we enable you to perform real-time MES integration applications, which is one of the digital twin usage areas. In this way, we guide you in the perfection of your process. 


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