Strategic Performance Management Training


Strategic Performance Management is a process of development and improvement according to the performance criteria determined by each institution in accordance with its own mission and vision. Its aim is to identify the current situation and identify what needs to be done to reach the target point and support its implementation.


  • Hoshin Kanri Definition and Benefits, Concepts, Dynamics, Implementation
  • Performance Management Concept, Purpose, Stages
  • Principles of Performance Management and Its Impact on Performance
  • Elements of Performance Management; Vision, Strategy, Goals, and KPIs
  • Strategy and Strategic Management Concepts, Determining Strategies, Determining Goals and Goals
  • KPI Definition, Importance of KPI, KPI Types and Examples, KPI Dashboard
  • Benefits of KPI, Stages of KPI
  • Considerations in Determining KPIs
  • SMART Approach, Correct KPI Templates


  • KPI and KPI board design


  • Comprehending Hoshin Kanri, which is a process-oriented systematic approach, and creating a concrete roadmap for achieving strategy and goals.
  • To be able to determine the priority objectives and system stages of performance management.
  • To be able to comprehend the importance and place of performance management in enterprises.
  • To be able to create the vision, strategy, goals, and KPI elements of the performance management system in a company.
  • Making scattered data and information useful.
  • Ability to identify underperforming areas.
  • Ability to develop approaches that will provide the best communication system.
  • Developing approaches to ensure harmony and synergy between departments.
  • Ability to plan and follow-up actions by identifying the points to be considered in the determination of KPIs.