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Value Stream Analysis and Design | Digital Model Factory Roadmap #3

3. Module of Digital Model Factory Roadmap is Value Stream Analysis and Design (Mapping). The module and consequent Value Stream Analysis and Design 4.0 are defined as the diagnosis modules.

Gains with previous modules

Reviewing the first 2 modules; We standardize the processes after studying on the Lean Approach and Industry 4.0 module, in the cases which we first examine those studies in order to ensure common motivation and alignment. After standardization, we can now measure and analyze. Only if the case which the processes and operations stabilized and standardized, then the output from the value stream can be measured.

When you start measuring and collecting data, you can make an analytical analysis. Based on this analysis, you can design, construct and implement the ideal case. Otherwise, all the work you do is based on assumptions and intuitions, it will not base on a solid ground, and for this reason, the work you will do will not be sustainable. If you want your improvements and developments to be permanent, it is a must to follow this order.

One of the biggest wastes is actually making improvements constantly and trying to apply same improvements again after they fail. You can think of it as a redundant operation, repetitive work. While Lean applications try to eliminate these wastes, unfortunately, we can see these wastes in the project teams. These occasions appear as very serious barriers that drain the energy of the project teams and increase the probability of failure in every attempt.

Determination and Perseverance in Lean Transformation

According to a study by the Shingo Institute, 20% of companies embark on a Lean journey, but only 20% are successful. Companies that give up on this journey also lose their will and determination to take on this journey again. An energetic start can only be achieved with leaders with high energy of success. No matter how many times you give up, it is necessary to know that the next time the project will be successful if enough determination and perseverance is applied. You can compare it to smoking cessation attempts or impulsively signing up for the gym. As you can quit smoking when you show enough determination, you can do sports for a lifetime when you show enough discipline, you can go on a Lean journey and make it a way of doing business, develop your behavior model accordingly and write the lean philosophy in your DNA.

Value Stream Analysis Implementation

Value Stream Analysis and Design Application

Value Stream Analysis and Design module starts with Work Study. Efficiency studies and Lean transformation studies require high pace. If you stay slow, suddenly the excitement of the project may fade and the velocity is lost. For this reason, it is very important to get fast results. The pragmatic approach is also very effective for getting quick results. Applying a long REFA-based work study will take a very long time and will delay the results. With a REFA-based but pragmatic approach, we apply how to make work study practically in the Digital Model Factory, and we grant competence that will enable the participants to do this in their own organizations.

In order to work study the standardized operations in the Virtual Reality environment within the Digital Model Factory, you press a button on the console in your hand and the stopwatch turns on and you start the time study by applying it. Then, you analyze the work steps using certain software on the video of the same operation, and next, you perform the method and time study. In this way, you learn to take an effective work study of these software quickly and practically, and you reach the competence to apply it in your own business.

Then, you collect details such as stock information required for Value Stream Mapping by observing directly inside the Virtual Reality Digital Model Factory. In the first modules, by adding the process time information with studies on top of all the information you collect in the Process Approach and Standardization modules, you create the Value Stream Map. Thus, in Virtual Reality Environment, you can thoroughly analyze a Value Stream of real production processes and identify the potential. Afterwards, you design the future situation in the workshop, with the group work based on the knowledge you have acquired.


After the applications in sequence, you will be able to analyze and stabilize processes from the first module in your own framework, then standardize operations and processes, collect data with Value Stream Analysis and Design, conduct work study and reveal the Value Stream Map, and you can design the ideal situation.

Diagnostic modules are finalized with the applications. It becomes clear to the smallest detail what you need to do for Lean Transformation. Now the areas to prioritize and focus on are revealed. Diagnosis is the most critical part for the success of Lean studies. Just as there can be no correct treatment without a correct diagnosis, the same is necessary for Lean Transformation. If you want to be one of the 20% of the 20% who are successful in this process, the VR-applied Lean and Digital Transformation workshops at the Digital Model Factory will lead success with the guidance you need.

– Dr. Doğan Hasan

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