Virtual Tour

Virtual tour is a technology created by combining multiple photos taken at a panoramic angle. The photos to be used while creating the virtual tour are taken with special cameras and lenses that allow 360-degree photos to be taken.

The virtual tour provides the opportunity to examine any structure, environment or product in a digital environment. Via the virtual tours, the person can see and examine the exact same products as they are in real life without having to go to a certain location. Virtual tours can be supported by informative articles, videos and voice commands about the product. Thus, people who experience the virtual tour can obtain more comprehensive information about the product they are viewing. Thus, people who experience the virtual tour can obtain more comprehensive information about the product they are examining. Virtual tours can be navigated by moving the presented image left-right or up-down. The image can be zoomed in or zoomed out for more detailed analysis. Although virtual tours and video tours are very similar, there is a fundamental difference between the two. While video tours offer the user only one perspective at a certain time, in virtual tours the user can view the entire panoramic scene at a certain time.

Virtual tours give businesses a lot of advantages in promoting their products.

  • You can prepare orientation tours for your newly recruited personnel in your human resources department.
  • Customers can observe the product they want to buy in more detail than normal photos and have more information about the product.
  • In this way, both customers and businesses save time and other costs.
  • Via virtual tours, people can walk around a factory or store and see the three-dimensional version of the product they are going to buy in 360 degrees.

A virtual tour can be made not only of a physically existing product, but also of a product that exists in the digital environment. Via the technology it has developed, UnoPro offers the opportunity to perform virtual tours in Digital Twin Projects.

UnoPro has created a virtual tour in the Digital Model Factory project it has developed. This virtual tour allows to take a tour inside the Digital Model Factory and to observe the workflows created in the factory. Via the information box and promotional video included in each workflow, the user can get detailed information about the Digital Model Factory. A virtual tour can be created for each Digital Twin project developed by UnoPro. This virtual tour content is shaped according to the request of the business. This service provided by UnoPro leads businesses in promoting their Digital Twin Projects. 

Our Virtual Tour Implementations