Workcube ERP Software Installation and Consulting

As UnoPro, we are able to offer the installation, implementation, consulting and training of Workcube ERP software, of which we are a business partner, as a whole package with solutions specific to your company, within the scope of our end-to-end service approach.

Together with Workcube, we increase the competitiveness of a business  by offering integrated business, collaboration and communication software, strategic knowledge and implementation practices to the smart businesses of the Industry 4.0 age who want to be successful in their digital transformation journey!

Workcube is a well-established ERP software that was developed in 2001 and has always positioned itself ahead of its time. The fact that it was released to the world as a web software at a time when desktop software was still developing is proof of this.

As of 2023, Workcube is actively used in more than 35 sectors, with more than 100,000 end-user experiences in more than 5000 companies.
The most important features that distinguish Workcube from its competitors are that it is 100% web-based, process-based, contains most of the software that a business may need as modules, low cost of ownership, customizable and flexible structure, open integration structure , open source code and hybrid license model with unlimited users.

Why Should Your Business Use Workcube?

With the combination of unlimited user licensing model and mobile compatible software interface, all employees of your company can access Workcube even with their own mobile phones and have the chance to work regardless of location. All of your employees can simply perform self-service transactions, such as leave and advance requests from their own devices. You can include all your employees in the digital transformation processes by enabling all your production employees to access Workcube from tablets with extremely low hardware costs that you can have in your place of business.

In addition to digitizing your own business, with Workcube, you can create portals for both your suppliers and customers, and include them in your digital transformation processes, so you have the chance to digitize your entire value stream.

With Workcube’s 100% process-based setup, you can make your process designs and take advantage of the opportunities Workcube offers at the point of system design, which is the most important prerequisite of digitalization.

Workcube offers you the right features in your company’s globalization journey with features such as multi-language support, working with 3 different currencies at the same time on a transaction basis, integration with international marketplaces and cargo businesses.

With its multi-company management, Workcube allows you to manage your merged or sister companies through a single software without requiring a separate license.

Workcube incorporates the strongest security applications offered by technology and required by law. It offers powerful solutions in the field of cyber security with tools such as KVKK and GDPR Compliance, SSL (Secure Socet Layer), Logging Tools, a special cyber security system developed by Workcube called Pleven WAS Support, and Multi Factor Autentication.

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